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Introducing Lovendar, an iPhone app for couples

Tired of guessing what your partner wants?  We’ve became obsessed with how to take the guessing game out of love, and our solution is Lovendar iPhone app!


Lovendar is a private app for two people that lets you capture the desires, delights and surprises you love while turning them into your partner’s actions. Share anything: wish lists, gift ideas, thoughts, plans, date ideas, notes, and memories, complete them and keep a timeline of the things you’ve enjoyed together.

Developed through extensive relationship research by dedicated relationship experts, Lovendar helps solve the biggest challenge facing loving couples: communication. With a clean, intuitive design, Lovendar is simple to use and customize.

Lovendar is as unique as your relationship.  Use it to:

- Create a wish list of gifts you actually want, with pictures and directions where to buy
- Build a list of your favorite restaurants, foods and wines, with pictures, notes, and locations
- Chart your favorite movies together, and the ones you want to watch
- Store your ideas for great date nights, with pictures, directions and details
- Plan vacations, weekend getaways that have special romantic meaning to you
- Create a bucket list of your life’s greatest dreams and goals – or a hot list of things to do together this week.
- Build plans and delight with the things your partner wants most
Key Features: 

- Design: Elegant, gesture driven, intuitive interface.  Simple to use
- Private by default:  The app is private between the two of you
- Custom:  Use the default ‘buckets’, easily customize for any language, prioritize and add your own
- Instant Share:  Entries are instantly shared between two people, privately
- Surprise:  Hide your entries from your partner’s view to keep the element of surprise
- Organize: Sort, prioritize, rearrange everything with a tap and hold 
- Reminders: Assign specific reminders and due dates
- Location: Add a location by dropping a pin or entering an address 
- Push Notifications: Receive instant notifications when your partner adds new items, or when your partner completes items on your list
- Color: Pick a color that represents your entires, so your partner can easily find them
- Timeline: Scratch completed items off your partner’s list and create a meaningful timeline of your relationship
- Moments: Capture pictures of special moments with a simple gesture
The most important relationship in your life is with the one you love. Simplify it with Lovendar: Download now

Introducing The Journal. Tell the Story of Your Love.

How do You Tell the Story of Your Love?


Express your love for each other in this new amazing way - with your Lovendar Journal.  It’s the place to share Your moments with your partner that might be a bit too private for Facebook®:

1. Dedicate. Post love letters and poems to each other.

2. Express. Write stories about your trips and special moments.

3. Save.  Keep the bits of sms messages and the loving emails you treasure.

4. Communicate. Expressive writing is one of the best ways to have the meeting of the minds.

Sharing options: There are two sharing options: Only me, My Partner & Me.  If you would like the ability to publicly share your love story please vote here.  

Here is What the Renowned Experts Say Regarding the Benefits of Journaling:

"The journal is a great communication tool with your partner. Expressive writing in journals can bring couples to a new level of understanding and compatibility through openly sharing their thoughts, feelings." - Dr. Phillip McGraw - Relationship Expert (as seen on The Oprah Show)

"Journals are a great way for both partners to find new ways to connect." - David Deida /Relationship Coach (Author of the best-seller "The Way of the Superior Man")

"Partners may improve their relationship for the better when they both journal together or separately. Documentation of what you think and do can become a powerful tool for seeing, understanding, and keeping track of your relationship." - Dr. John Gottman /Relationship Therapist (Author of scientific approach to forecasting marital success called the "Love Lab" because of his research in couple interactions)

Start Journaling

Lovendar Tip of the Day:  Read your journal with your partner often to relive your memories together.

Launching The Lovendar Box


One of the most common misconceptions is that once you’ve sealed the deal and made your vows, the efforts of romancing begin to decline. The very aspects of your personality that brought you together should be maintained to keep each other in love. The beginning of a loving relationship is based on getting to know the true qualities of your partner and adding more variety to your everyday life. If you’ve attracted each other by romancing, be prepared to romance throughout your entire life. 

But your are busy. You know it. We know it.  To help simplify your life, Lovendar offers the Premium Monthly Lovendar Box Subscription that does just that: Delivers Romance to Your Door with everything you need to dazzle your partner. Available at

Love is universal. The way we express is not. Lovendar helps couples express love in amazing ways. Get Your Lovendar Box! Be Amazing.

Get The Lovendar Box

 ·      THE PANEL OF EXPERTS advises on the best practices that help become effective communicators, curious lovers, good listeners, and compatible partners. 

·       SAVE TIME: No more running around to stores to gather ingredients for a perfect evening. We do all the research, curation, and delivery, so you can focus on the things that really matter. Get exactly what you need in each box without leaving the couch! 

·       SAVE MONEY: Each box has the benefits you can’t even buy! The research, exclusive digital content, and special surprises in each box all add up to an amazing value. 

·       REKINDLE LOVE: The experiences change every single month adding variety to your every day life. Each Lovendar Box offers elegant solutions that are fun and truly enriching to your relationship! 

·       SHARE:  The Lovendar Box is designed for the two of you. How many materials and projects are included varies depending on the theme and month. With each Lovendar Box there will be plenty of things to start your creative juices flowing taking each partner’s desires into consideration. 

·       DISCRETE: the Lovendar Box arrives in a discrete packaging without any branding on it, allowing you to keep an element of surprise.  

·       A GREAT GIFT:  The Lovendar Box is a perfect gift for newlyweds, people who are starting to date or makes a great anniversary gift. Starting at just $19.95 the Lovendar Box is the gift that keeps on giving! Gift the Lovendar Box today!


A subscription box delivered monthly with all the physical materials plus knowledge-based content (with step by step instructions) to help you build meaningful memories with your partner and enjoy spending quality time together. Each month features a new theme-based box filled with activities, knowledge and experiences for making your great relationship awesome! Try the Lovendar Box 


Each box contains 1 to 2 key techniques to practice effective communication with your partner.

Each box includes carefully selected products to facilitate activities where your partner and you will engage exploring each other’s sexuality through touch (activities are not overly sexual, they are romantic in nature.)

Delightful, romantic items that are just right to set the romantic ambience and stimulate your partner’s romantic imagination.

Interactive activities to learn something new with hands-on activities, gift-giving or digital content aimed at building memorable experiences.

Great for newlyweds, dating couples and couples in a long term relationship! Everything in the box is for you to keep. 

And of course, every box includes an aphrodisiac.


Couples Who Play Together Stay Together:(The Lovendar Box) boosts relationships and better understanding each other. Me and my wife were enjoying these playful things. With no doubt, it helps reveal something new about your partner. - Carl”

Sparking Communication:The benefit is really outside of the box for us. It made us closer and its worth the price.” - Melissa 

Reconnect with the Lovendar Box: “A great way to connect with my husband. I like the games and the questions. -Desiree” 

A Love-Building Surprise Every Month: “I liked receiving the box and opening up each individual organza bag. The cards that covered each topic were fun and interesting. Having such as great experience with the first box makes me curious to get the next box.” - Shelby

An ideal Investment For “The Two of Us”: “It was really fun activity to plan for a set aside time for just the two of us. It gave us an excuse to block off a couple of hours with no distractions. I think (Lovendar) execution was spot on.” - Mark

"Honestly, I was really impressed with the attention to detail and how much work it looks like was put into the box. It definitely feels like a luxury product. I would recommend it.. because of the high level of detail and since it is NOT a "porn box" - Jameson

Get Your Lovendar Box today!

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Introducing the Intimate Network

We are happy to announce the launch of the first intimate network for committed couples. Practically every one uses technology to be organized at work, to reconnect with friends and family, to connect with colleges at work or to find a soul mate but when it comes to managing personal committed relationships – we hear crickets…. 

Starting today, we hope that Lovendar is the place you will always feel comfortable managing the story of your love, keeping your relationships private and secure, get customized advice, romantic reminders, keep track of all relationship-related intimate moments, anniversaries, gifts, romantic memories, love letters, photos and videos that are just a bit too private for facebook. It’s in Beta and we are inviting you to try it.

We’re working on our first app for iPhone.  So before it is ready, you can still register and check out Lovendar through your browser.

So, what is Lovendar?

Facebook takes care of your social life

Linkedin takes care of your business life

Lovendar takes care of your love life

Namely, Lovendar is a place to stay in love, get inspired, plan romance, and remember the moments that really matter.

So, why Lovendar?

Making one couple happy can change the world. May be not the whole world, but their world. And that’s what matters.   

Today, 75% of men claim to be consistently romantic while nearly 40% of women claim that their boyfriends or husbands are rarely romantic, if ever. 97% of women stated that if she had to ask for it, it was no longer romantic. Does it contribute to the fact that despite millions of couples married last year, 60% will get divorced this year? Perhaps… But life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Lovendar is designed to help you understand what makes your relationship work based on your individual behavioral patterns. Everybody responds differently to various languages of love. To simply, we’ve identified five main categories:

Five Languages of Love

Romance has been around for over a thousand years and Lovendar might not tell you something you didn’t already hear about  - the main reason to use Lovendar is the technology providing you with ideas, keeping you on track and helping you follow through.

 With reglar use, you will become an expert at what works for you and your partner. Its that simple.

 Because your intimate network is limited to your partner, you can always trust that you can post any moment, no matter how personal. Lovendar is a place where your love can live on, trustfully.

How does it work? 


How Lovendar Works

Inviting Your Partner

You can use Lovendar with or without your partner. There are significant benefits to inviting your partner to join:

- When you invite your partner, and after your partner accepts the invitation, both of you will be able to instantly share each other’s profiles, galleries, interests, posts and wish lists. Just between the two of you.

- Inviting your partner is easy. Just click on the Status link and fill out the name, gender and partner’s email. Recommendations are gender specific, so make sure you double-check it!

Lovendar- Invite Partner


Importing Your Information

Our goal at Lovendar is to help you build a meaningful relationship successfully. The more we know about you, the better recommendations we can generate best suited for you as a couple. You can take 2 minutes to import your interests from Facebook. Or complete the questionnaire one question at a time, each time you login. 

Facebook Import

The profile information you provide will help:

1) Identify commonalities with your partner for custom recommendations;

2) Aid your partner in getting to know you on a much deeper level without an uncomfortable dialog;

3) Keeping this information handy for planning something special while keeping the element of surprise.

You have the complete control of how you share your profile information with your partner. When your relationship ends (we hope it never does), so does the access to your profile for that partner, with one easy click. 

 Profile Questionnaire

The Romance Planner

The moment you login, click the Romance Planner, and Lovendar algorithm will automatically populate romantic recommendations, date ideas, relationship advice to get you started.

You will find a dashboard with a convenient suite of partners and service providers ready to help you plan any romantic plan imaginable on the spot, from within your account.

Dash Board - Romance Planner

The romance widget shown below appears on the right side panel of your profile on every page.

Romance Planner Widget

Here is how the Romance Planner works:

Click “Skip” until you find the act of love you have the time to do today. Love is all about the little but consistent actions, most of which take less than 5 minutes to do and do not cost much money.

Clicking “I’m on it” will log the event onto the Past Events wall. Please take your time to rate the event based on how it was received by your partner and leave comments for personal future reference… i.e. what you did, describe the place you went, what you remembered the most, etc. This will help recreate the date in the future and allow Lovendar make better suggestions for you.

Rate Your Past Events

Clicking “Flag” will notify our staff that there is a flagged event in the system, and we may review or remove it if it violates our Terms of Use.

We are in Beta, and while we are striving to provide quality content, we greatly appreciate your help flagging the errors. We have over 3500 events and growing, so let us know if you see something that requires our attention.

Gift Giving 

Lovendar and Amazon are friends now, with seamlessly integrated shopping experience, you are able to select any gift imaginable from the biggest virtual online store in the world.  If you can find it on Amazon, you can find it on Lovendar.

Make sure you populate your wish list with gift ideas, helping your partner be more successful when it comes to gift-giving. 

Lovendar Wishlist

Top Articles

Every week, Lovendar editors provide fresh articles for your enjoyment with helpful advice.   

Lovendar Articles


The gallery feature is coming up. We are eager to hear from you on how we can improve the existing features before we proceed to the next. We have a lot in the pipeline for you.  Our main focus is to develop tools that meet your relationship needs. Please contribute your ideas and your feedback so we can improve for you. 

We are releasing updates weekly… Sign up to suggest and vote on ideas, click on the Feedback button on our site or click here  If you still have a question, check out faq section or shoot us an email.

How do I start with Lovendar?

 Register and check out Lovendar on the web, sign up here